Michail Mylonakis

Data Scientist, Ph.D.

Current interests

Decision biases & Information

  • confirmation bias, short-term emotions
  • narrow framing, availability bias
  • overconfidence

Designing the experiment

  • the form of a good hypothesis
  • the choice of quantization levels
  • the A/B testing method
  • repeatable experiments
  • reproducible experiments

Implementing the experiment

  • Big Data and the four Vs
  • collecting and storing the data
  • cleaning the data
  • analysing and quantizing the data
  • the tool of data visualisation

Mathematical statistics

  • the choice of samples
  • the construction of histogram
  • Shannon's entropy, KL-divergence
  • the strengths of Bayesian statistics
  • likelihoods, priors, posteriors

Decision theory

  • mathematical optimization
  • decision trees
  • dynamic programming

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